We underestimate that employees with accurate and valid pay stubs can only access the Nexus Iceland portal. Once you have your credentials, follow the instructions for a successful login.


The Nexus Iceland website is an online portal developed and launched for the UK and Iceland region. As for the role of the Nexus Iceland portal, it is primarily for Nexus employees.

For example, the portal can help Nexus Iceland employees check their salaries, hours worked, and more. In short, the portal packs a punch when it comes to employee relations services.

Services Offered By Nexus Iceland

Nexus Iceland Employee Services is what we will cover in this title. Most companies offer some type of service to their employees and customers. These services are often called benefits.

Frozen Food

They are the UK’s leading specialty retailer in this category, and we are looking to capitalize on this crucial difference by constantly improving consumer perception of frozen food through our ‘Power of Frozen’ marketing campaign.


For many years, Nexus Iceland has been at the forefront of the UK frozen food innovation market under our own iconic brand, and our aim is to continue to delight our customers with exciting new product ranges they cannot buy anywhere else.



It is impossible to match the convenience of the Icelandic offer that combines:

  • Frozen foods are easy to prepare and minimize waste
  • Nearby stores make shopping easy
  • In-store purchases of over £25 are delivered to your home for free
  • Easy online shopping with the best service in the UK
  • The food warehouse is located in commercial areas with a large car park offering a wide range of products


Unlike the prices of other Icelandic brands, the prices of Icelandic brands are compared to ensure that we offer the same quality and price as the main supermarkets or better quality and price that matches the main supermarkets.